Role of Manager and Coach

The team manager (head coach) oversees the management of the team through the season. They are responsible for communicating a practice schedule, developing a practice format, creating a lineup card for every game, and ensuring the players get their minimum playing time in each game. Managers are the focal point of the team and must be committed to following through with the management of the team from mid-February to early-June. Time commitment varies by division. Managers need to commit to be at all practices and games. Managers must attend a pre-season  manager's meeting with the Division Coordinator and a required safety meeting. Managers must schedule and conduct a parent meeting prior to the first practice of the season. Managers are assisted by a volunteer team parent that helps with things like concession stand scheduling, fund raising events, uniform distribution, and picture day.


Two assistant coaches, or three for T-Ball, Rookie, and Farm; are allowed on the field or in the dugout during games. However, a manager may elect to use more than two coaches during practice. Coaches provide support during practices to ensure players receive enough attention while developing their skills. Coaches are under the guidance and direction of the manager. Typically, a manager will design a practice format and have assistants take care of coaching small groups of players, assisting with batting practice, hitting drills, or other duties. Assistant coaches should commit to be at all practices and games, generally 6 - 8 hours a week depending upon division.  All actions of an assistant coach during games are the ultimate responsibility of the manager.

League Umpires

The Lake Stevens Little League umpires are all volunteers, there are NO PAID UMPIRES. A plate and field umpire are used in all games unless a scheduling issue arises causing a shortage of available umpires. 

In the upper divisions, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors, the volunteers are both parents and trained umpires. All umpires in the upper divisions are required to attend training sessions.  

In the lower divisions, Rookie, Farm, and AAA, the volunteers are parents of Lake Stevens Little League players.

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