The Season

Spring Season is the main season of play for all levels. Registration begins in early-December. Farm/AAA/Majors divisions and above begin practices after the draft in mid-February or early March. T-Ball and Rookie divisions practices typically begin two to four weeks prior to opening day weekend in late March to early April. Games will begin in mid-March for AAA, Major, Junior, Senior divisions and typically after the Lake Stevens School District spring break for Tball, Rookie, and Farm levels. Games will be played through early June, with Major and above levels participating in post-season tournaments offered by District 1.


*The spring season is extended to the end of July for players that are selected to the Lake Stevens All Star tournament teams. Please take this into consideration for summer vacation plans if you have a child that may be selected to these teams. 


Fall Instructional program begins registration in June. Fall Ball is an instructional program typically for league age 7 to 13 year olds. At Lake Stevens Little League, Fall Ball begins with practices starting in early August and are followed by team play from September through mid-October. A typical fall schedule will include three games/practices per week. Games may be inter-league or intra-league play depending on number of players/teams. Game rules limit players to 2 innings per position which promotes increased rotation of players and opportunity for players to learn new positions.

Practice & Game Locations

Practices will be held at fields rented by the Lake Stevens Little League through the Lake Stevens School District. Lake Stevens Little League assigns field to team managers and practice schedules are set by the Lake Stevens Little League scheduler, thus days/times and locations will vary by team. 


T-ball/Rookie levels typically practice one day a week. Farm/AAA practice two to three days a week. Majors & above practice 3 to 4 days a week. Practice day frequency vary throughout the season due to weather, game schedules and the coaches discretion. 


Home Games for the Lake Stevens Little League has four baseball and two softball 60-foot diamonds dedicated to game play for T-Ball; Minor and Major Divisions of baseball and softball; and Junior Softball. There is also two 90-foot baseball diamonds for Intermediate levels and above. 


Games are typically one weeknight game (Monday through Thursday) and one weekend game (Friday night or Saturday.) Game schedules will be available at least one week prior to the start of game play. Due to rainouts and the amount of games for the AAA level and above there could be up to three games a week. Lake Stevens Little League only schedules Sunday games in the event make-ups are required at the Major levels of play. 


Away Games. Divisions (AAA/Majors & above) who participate in inter-league play will play away games at fields within District 1 (Snohomish County).

Game Scheduling

Start Times of games will be scheduled to start no later than 7pm for T-ball and Rookie teams on weeknights. Most games will be scheduled to start no later than 7pm for Farm, AAA, and Major division teams on weeknights. Start times for Saturday games will be 9:00am to 4:30pm. No games will be scheduled on Sunday; though make up games or tournament play may occur on Sunday for the Majors division.