2020 Spring Season Refund Deadline
Hello Lake Stevens Little League families! 

Due to COVID we are having to make some hard decisions as a league in an attempt to not lose our facilities. In order to know how much money we have in the bank to use for bills we will have to close down refund requests for the 2020 Spring season. If you are in need of a refund for your Spring registration fees please submit your request to 2020refundrequests@lakestevenslittleleauge.org by Sunday September 13th at 5:00 pm. All registration fees we do not receive a refund request for will be considered a donation to the league and you will receive 25% off of your players Spring 2021 registration fees. LSLL understands it has been a tough year for many people and we greatly appreciate all donations made. 

We have missed you all very much this year and cannot wait to get back on the fields as soon as possible! Have a great day!
2021 LSLL Board Elections
Hello Lake Stevens Little League families! This year we will be holding our elections for the 2021 season board of directors via a virtual vote. To ensure our elections are valid we must all follow very specific guidelines on how to nominate and vote for a future board member. 
All nominees will be verified and given the chance to accept or decline the nomination prior to being placed on the ballot. To be nominated for a board position the individual must meet all requirements to be eligible. All nominees must have been an active member (parent, volunteer, coach or board member) for the 2020 season as well as have no conflict of interest for the position they are nominated for. Conflicts of interest include but are not limited to holding a position on the board of directors for another youth sports club (executive board positions only), making financial decisions for another youth sports club (executive board positions only), being a company owner who is bidding on work/providing services for LSLL, as well as any other personal or professional situation that would result in an unfair advantage if the individual is part of the decision making process for LSLL. You may nominate yourself and/or others for any position listed, you may nominate for as many positions as you would like. Please send all nominations in one email to the email address listed below in the "position - nominee" format (example President - John Doe).  Nominations MUST be sent to 2020elections@lakestevenslittleleague.org to be received and counted.  All nominations sent to alternative locations will not be valid. Nominations must be received by Thursday October 1st to be valid. 

Board Positions:
President (Executive board position)
Vice President Baseball (Executive board position)  
Vice President Softball (Executive board position)
Treasurer (Executive board position)
Secretary (Executive board position)
Player Agent (Executive board position)
Umpire In Chief (Executive board position)
Scheduler (Executive board position)
Fundraising Coordinator 
Equipment Manager
Uniform Coordinator
Facilities Manager
Player Development
Corporate Affairs
Team Sponsorship Coordinators 
Majors Baseball Coordinator/Player Agent
Minors Baseball Coordinator/Player Agent
Majors Softball Coordinator/Player Agent 
Minors Softball Coordinator/Player Agent
Rookies Coordinator/Player Agent
Tball Coordinator/Player Agent 
LS City Liaison
Baseball Concessions Coordinators
Softball Concessions Coordinator  

Election ballots will be emailed out on Monday October 12th to be completed by Thursday October 15th. 

We look forward to hearing from the LSLL families, have a wonderful day!
Hello LSLL families! We hope you are all having a wonderful Summer so far! The LSLL board members met recently regarding how to proceed with Fall Ball. We are still not able to start a season yet due to phase restrictions for Snohomish County. If Snohomish County is put into phase 3 by September 1st LSLL will host a Fall Ball season. If Snohomish County is not in phase 3 by September 1st LSLL will have to forgo our Fall Ball season and focus on Winter Training when we have the ability to hold training sessions again. Registration is open on our website however, LSLL will NOT collect any registration fees until September 1st. If we are able to host a Fall Ball season registration fees will be due by September 15th. Please be aware that there could be game play or spectator restrictions during the Fall Ball season depending on Snohomish Counties phase 3 restrictions. LSLL will not be able to determine what those restrictions will be until phase 3 details are announced. Fall Ball modifications will be announced prior to families paying registration fees, families can make the choice to play or not based on modifications that have to be put in place.

Due to the system not allowing us to move registration fees from one season to another we are not able to use Spring registration fees towards Fall registration. Anyone who donated Spring registration fees will receive 25% off of 2021 Spring season registration fees. If you have questions regarding requesting a refund of your Spring 2020 registration fees please visit our website www.lakestevenslittleleague.org for information.

We are very hopeful that we can see all of you on the fields as soon as possible, have a great day!

2020 Spring Season Cancellation and Refund Process
Hello LSLL families, we hope you are all safe and doing well. 

It is with heavy hearts we are announcing that due to circumstances beyond our control we are forced to cancel our 2020 Spring season. Unfortunately the restrictions that are in place in our county are forcing our neighboring leagues to cancel their Spring seasons. With a reduced number of players available to play in LSLL during a later season and a lack of neighboring leagues hosting a Spring season we are without any opponents to play. We feel it would be unfair to our players and families of LSLL to offer a sub par Spring season, instead we will be focusing on offering our families the best Fall Ball season as soon as restrictions allow. 

Lake Stevens Little League is a non profit organization that counts on player participation to financially operate, with this in mind we humbly ask that any family who is able and comfortable doing so donate their players registration fees for this Spring season to help keep our league afloat in these trying times. Any player who donates their registration fees for the 2020 Spring season will receive a 25% discount on the 2021 Spring season registration fees. We completely understand that not all families are in a position to donate and any family who requests a refund will be given one. Due to pre season financial responsibilities (insurance, team charters, stack sports operating fees, field maintenance, etc.) we will not be able to offer a 100% refund of your registration fees. Tball and Rookie divisions in baseball and softball will receive a 90% refund. Uniforms for the Farm division and above in both baseball and softball had already been ordered and received by our league when the state shutdown went into effect, we will be offering Farm division and above a 75% refund on their registration fees. Uniforms will be organized and available to pick up for any player in those divisions who would like them soon. 

As we are expecting a large number of refund requests we ask that you do not respond to this email to request your refund. Please email 2020refundrequests@lakestevenslittleleague.org to request your refund. Please make sure to include your players first and last name and what division they are registered in when making your request. We will be monitoring the refund email address daily and will process refunds as quickly as we possibly can, please be patient with us as we work through this process. 

We would like to sincerely thank every person who volunteers in any amount with LSLL and each family who chooses to be part of this organization that we so dearly love. To say we are heartbroken over having to make this decision and that we miss all of our players, coaches and families is a drastic understatement. We look forward to seeing everyone on the fields as soon as we possibly can in the Fall. Thank you everyone, have a great night!
President ~ Jason Cantu
Vice President Baseball ~ Anthony Gow
Vice President Softball ~ Joyce Osterholtz
Treasurer ~ Jae Gow
Secretary ~ Michelle VanWinkle
Player Agent ~ Dale Campbell
Umpire In Chief ~ Jeff Morris
Scheduler ~ Paul Marshall
Fundraising Coordinator ~ Jessica Melhart
Equipment Manager ~ Dan Hall
Uniform Coordinator ~ Corey Gibb
Facilities Manager ~ Jimmy Lampinen
Player Development ~ Dan Hall
Corporate Affairs ~ Jessica Melhart
Team Sponsorship Coordinators ~ Dave Pugsley and Chris Jones
Majors Baseball Coordinator/Player Agent ~ Chris Statton
Minors Baseball Coordinator/Player Agent ~ Jason Young
Majors Softball Coordinator/Player Agent ~ Dave Pugsley
Minors Softball Coordinator/Player Agent ~ Michael Ivers
Rookies Coordinator/Player Agent ~ James Reilly
Tball Coordinator/Player Agent ~ Shane Cox
LS City Liaison ~ Chris Jones
Baseball Concessions Coordinators ~ Kate Fatland and Tabitha Moser
Softball Concessions Coordinator ~ Sara Pugsley
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