Basic Equipment

Players should arrive at the first practice with a glove, hat or visor, and baseball/softball pants or softball shorts, and rubber cleats. (Metal cleats may be used for league age 13 & up ONLY.) A baseball/softball bag is recommended to transport balls, bats, batting gloves, water bottles, etc.


Uniform consists of pair of baseball pants or softball pants/shorts, belt, a jersey, and a pair of baseball or softball socks. The Lake Stevens Little League will provide a hat or visor for each player and a jersey. Due to fittings, players need to provide pants/shorts, belt, and socks. Managers may suggest colors for these items. 

Jerseys don't provide much warmth, so it is a good idea to purchase long-sleeve baseball/softball shirt to wear under their jersey. Note: Baseball pitchers cannot wear white sleeves.


A leather glove is a must. It is recommended to stay away from vinyl and simulated leather gloves that may be cheaper as they tend to cause the player a great deal of frustration. It is impossible to form a "pocket" in gloves made of vinyl or simulated leather causing the ball to pop out as the player tries to catch it. 

All players should bring a windbreaker, jacket, or sweatshirt to every game and practice.


Your coach or manager may have team bats to use but if a bat is purchased for the player it must meet Little League guidelines for the players level of play. Please visit for information on bat rules.

Catcher Gear

Lake Stevens Little League provides each team with catcher's gear. Players may opt to purchase their own catcher equipment, but it must meet Little League guidelines. Two primary guidelines for catcher equipment are:

  1. Mask must have a dangling throat guard. 
  2. Chest protectors must extend.